Diffractions Transmutatoires

exhibition from june 10 to 18
@ l’Espace d’en Bas
Free Entrance

Horia Cosmin Samoila (Roumania) & Marie-Christine Driesen (France)

A given base element, raw material : light. Then, the transformation of this light into electronic data and a biologic entity. How do a plant and a solar panel sound ? And foremost, through digital retranslation, which language could perspire via electromagnetic variations and biologic signals ? As a unusual and hybrid couple, this double biologic and technologic setup articulates an aesthetic of perturbation, an unseemly and paradoxical dialogue, to dare maybe going on an unison concordance of the same musicality, the one of the world. 

Horia Cosmin Samoïla, is born in 1975, in Bucarest, Roumania, lives and works in Paris.


Diffractions Transmutatoires par Horia Cosmin Samolïla

Concert of Michel Guillet, Saturday june 18, 19h