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Pixel Lab

Laboratoire ouvert @ la Gaîté Lyrique


April 24-26 Pixel Lab closing event:

Friday 24: performances

Saturday 25: Pixelache talks

Sunday 26 : World Brain screening & talks

- workshops: Gold Diggers & data sonification


7-8 mars

Carte blanche à Access Space

Sync Pulse Orchestra


7-8 février

H. Úlfarsson / Þ. Hjálmarsson

Modular Acoustic Formant System


10-11 Janvier 2015

HK Sennesth



13-14 décembre 2014

M. Keski-Korsu E. Berger

Case Pyhäjoki


8-9 novembre 2014

Bengt Sjölén



11-12 octobre 2014

Andy Bolus

Ghost Detector Synth Building


27-28 septembre 2014


Satellite Data Stream


19-20 juillet

Martin Howse

Earth Coding


21-22 juin 2014

Cécile Babiole &

Jean-Marie Boyer

Conversation au fil de l'eau


10-11 mai 2014

Jean-Baptiste Bayle,

Terminator Studies

Pixel Lab | closing event

Three days of open meetings, discussions, performances and practical workshops on the actual issues of technology.

With : Nicolas Maigret, Brendan Howell, Benjamin Cadon, Jake Harries, Owen Kelly, Susanne Palzer, Maite Cajaraville, Andrew Gryf Paterson, Gwenola Wagon, Stéphane Degoutin, Philippe Vasset, Inke Arns, Albert Laine, Collectif Dardex.

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All along the weekend a series of workshops : « Gold Diggers », to learn how to extract gold from electronic rubbish, and « Data Sonification », to learn how tointercept and to sonify internet data. With Albert Laine and Benjamin Cadon.

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Conferences and discussions on the activist and artistic practises originated from the open source and open hardware strategies, and examining the related network organization, sharing and learning modalities.

With Owen Kelly, Brendan Howell, Maite Carajaville, Andrew Gryf Paterson, Susanne Palzer, Collectif Dardex.

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An evening of performances, on the successive transformations of the Internet, from the networked encyclopedia utopia to the Orwellian global surveillance. With Nicolas Maigret, Brendan Howell, Jake Harries, Benjamin Cadon.

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World Brain screening & talk

An afternoon of discussions around the most recent technological developments, between anticipatory fiction and critical analysis. Featuring the screening of World Brain and the presentation of the research project and exhibition « Eigenvalue - Technology as an acting subject". with Gwenola Wagon, Stéphane Degoutin, Phillipe Vasset & Inke Arns.

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