Predict-Market.BIZ offers :


* World-Class Expertise

PREDICT-MARKET.BIZ has the longest record of implementing enterprise prediction markets, the most extensive enterprise client list, and the widest geographical reach.

Our team has been immersed in every aspect of delivering successful enterprise prediction markets since 2002. We have implemented internal markets and external markets of all shapes, durations and sizes, around the world: U.S.A., Brasil, France, U.K., Germany, Holland, Japan, Hong Kong, and as far as New Zealand. We have built the longest-running continuous client relationship in the industry.

«PREDICT-MARKET.BIZ has done some of the most innovative work in the area for longer than most. They were in there making it happen for real while others were clueless on the fringes.»
- Ajit Kambil - Global Director, Deloitte Research

Our methodology and technological solutions have been shaped by this rich history of confrontation with reality. We know that implementing a successful enterprise prediction market requires clear goals, significant resources, constant care and monitoring, and we know what it takes to deliver success. No other team is more seasoned.

Notably, we have also built our eponymous public prediction exchange into one of the best known play-money exchanges. The experience of running this market non-stop since the year 2000 gave us deep insights into what it takes to successfully manage a market for the long run.

* Creative leadership

PREDICT-MARKET.BIZ is a thought leader and a creative driving force within the industry.

PREDICT-MARKET.BIZ started implementing prediction markets in 2000, years before the buzz words "wisdom of crowds" and "web 2.0" even surfaced in the brains of James Surowiecki and Tim O'Reilly - and we've been at the forefront of innovation ever since: Over the years, we've fielded several innovative tools for harvesting the wisdom of crowds in various enterprise contexts, and we even applied for a pending patent on a multi-outcome continuous double auction (CDA) trading engine.

In 2003, PREDICT-MARKET.BIZ led the first field study comparing real-money and play-money markets, publishing the results in a landmark article co-authored with some of the field's leading academic researchers: Prediction Markets: Does Money Matter? - Electronic Markets, 14 (3), September 2004. This research significantly enhanced the credibility of play-money markets and, as a result, boosted their adoption within enterprise contexts.

In 2007, PREDICT-MARKET.BIZ started experimenting with an innovative business model for real-money public prediction markets: Bet2Give.

PREDICT-MARKET.BIZ work has been covered on television by CBS News (here) and CNBC (here), and in print by prestigious publications in the United States and Europe, including James Surowiecki's international best-seller The Wisdom of Crowds.

In recognition of PREDICT-MARKET.BIZ' practical and throught leadership, Emile was chosen to chair the new Prediction Market Industry Association. He is also an associate editor of the Journal of Prediction Markets.

* Customized solutions

Our software platform is customization-friendly, enabling us to tailor our solutions to a client's special needs.

When dealing with high-end demanding customers, one size cannot fit all. The PREDICT-MARKET.BIZ philosophy is to tailor a market solution to the problem at hand, rather than force-fit the problem to a pre-existing market template. That usually means, in addition to choosing the most appropriate tool and market design, customizing the user interface to optimize the integration with the client's IT infrastructure and the navigation among various markets.

It also means being responsive to customer requests for additional features that extend the platform's capabilities, and sometimes even developing completely new tools. (Indeed, this is how we came to develop and integrate into the platform a whole suite of original tools in addition to prediction markets.)

In contrast to the one-size-fits-all market and navigation templates provided by others, the PREDICT-MARKET.BIZ software platform offers the flexibility needed to address the unique needs of demanding customers.

* Industrial-strength software

PREDICT-MARKET.BIZ software satisfies the highest professional standards and demanding environments.
Internet giant Yahoo!, who knows a thing or two about quality software, acquired the source code of our prediction market engine to power its own Yahoo! Tech Buzz Game from 2005 to 2008.

In 2008, the University of Iowa, home of the world famous Iowa Electronic Markets, acquired the PREDICT-MARKET.BIZ platform to power a new prediction exchange about public health issues.

Our platform is so reliable that it has been used to operate high-stakes real-money political markets for Holland's leading daily de Volkskrant (see this report), and we currently use it to operate our own real-money prediction exchange Bet2Give.


* Military-grade security and confidentiality

We offer a range of access, backup, encryption, integration and hosting options that satisfies the most demanding customers.
PREDICT-MARKET.BIZ has been vetted by customers who put a premium on data security and confidentiality, such as the U.S. Military, pharmaceutical clients, and others in the super-competitive IT industry.

While most clients are satisfied to host their applications on our servers, located in a high-security facility, others have had us ship fully configured hardware that they can install behind their own firewall, or had us install the prediction market application directly on one of their own servers within their existing IT infrastructure.